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Actors That Work, Have Headshots That Work®

Jonathan Vandiveer is known as one of the best headshot photographers in New York and LA.

His "career making headshots" have helped advance his many clients throughout the LA andNew York areas. Past clients have gone on to book television guest star and other breakthrough roles soon after shooting with him. It's no wonder he's considered one of the top headshot photographers in New York by so many.

Are headshots just for actors?

Jonathan shoots "head shots" of actors as well as professionals, musicians, writers, real estate brokers, lawyers, families, children, babies, pets and well... just about anybody! His headshot client list includes numerous well known actors with extensive credits. Take a look at the Testimonial page for just a sampling of who has had headshot photography done with Jonathan. However you don't have to be an actor to shoot headshots with Jonathan, he's great at making even the most nervous person comfortable in front of the camera. He's patient, relaxed, confident and he really listens. It's an atmosphere that will put you at ease and help bring out elements of your personality that otherwise can be hidden by tension that often accompanies having your photo taken.

Headshots that work

Jonathan is always getting emails and letters telling him of the amazing results his headshots have had. New agents, managers, big auditions and job bookings. But don't take our word for it, go to our testimonial page and read what some of them have to say. Here's just one recent customer's experience:

Hi Jonathan,
Just had to let you know that my agent submitted me for a role at a regional theatre using my old headshots. Well they had it listed on the Equity website as well so I submitted using one of the new shots and the call for an audition came to me not her! I also got called in for a staged reading for a pre-off B'way try-out, so having had very few auditions lately I have to think that your new shots are working well for me! I will write a glowing review for you on Yelp!
Thanks again, E

Look like your Headshot/"Calling Card"

The main reason our clients get such great results from their headshots is that they LOOK like them. Even after retouching is done the headshot looks exactly like them (on their best day of course. ;) Casting Directors, and the other industry professionals who will be hiring you expect you to show up to the audition looking like the headshot you sent in.

With Headshots, It's all in the eyes

Understanding what "life in the eyes" means is essential to any headshot photographer.

That relaxed, tension-free state referred to earlier is the key to really letting your eyes speak. Jonathan is a master at directing you to that state and helping you bring out your true self. This communication will help create a "thought bubble" over your headshot that makes for a bold, confident and powerful statement instead of transmitting uncertainty or a question. This confident statement is what casting directors refer to by saying the actor's headshot "just had that 'sparkle' in their eyes."

Searching for great headshots to turbo charge your acting career? Sometimes Jonathan's name can be misspelled here are some of those misspellings: Jonathan Vandever - Vandevere - Vandiver - Vandivere - Vandevee.

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